Scholae is an independent school. It places the student at the center of learning, so that schooling and learning become a pleasant experience .

Scholae students discover the pleasure of working and the will to learn in an exceptional setting, thanks to an innovative and transdisciplinary approach and a dynamic pedagogical team.

The small, human size of the school allows everyone to flourish and progress at their own pace in collaboration with their teachers and classmates.

The Baccalaureates we offer

Our students can study for the general baccalaureates S, ES and L, as well as STMG and STD2A technology baccalaureates.


  • To structure and organize personal work time.
  • To fill in any gaps that may exist in the curriculum of each student.
  • To discover new work methods in order to develop personal reasoning.
  • To develop self discipline through a more global approach to essential points
  • To increase understanding of the program in the hope of continuing in further education.

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Scholae is located on the site of the Villa Figaret, in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort in the Gard.

Lycée Scholae

Route de Lasalle - 30170 Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort - France


Office : 0033 (0) 4 66 80 27 59

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