As a high school, Scholae respects its main goal of preparing students for the academic requirements, programs and content of the baccalaureate exam. The singularity of Scholae comes to light in its approach to achieving these goals.

The aim of our structure is to awaken the students interest and increase motivation, thereby creating a new approach to knowledge. We are convinced that academic success is closely linked to the personal development of each student. That is why Scholae offers a different cursus: Each student progresses at his/her own pace, with the help of their classmates, under the watchful eye of Scholae’s teachers, in a benevolent and motivating environment, that is, conducive to the assertion of self-confidence.

Through coherent learning, based on transdisciplinarity, Scholae offers an environment that is conducive to the development of judgment and the critical spirit of it’s students; But the school also, wants to instill in them, human values ​​and principles, that guarantee the advent of a civilization respectful of others in their diversity.